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'Cowboy Poets and the Poetic'
An Exhibit of American Cowboy Poets

Exhibit mulch sculpture 4467 - 5x7,72BW adj.jpg

Musee Arthur Batut 
Labruguiere, France
                 27 June - 20 October, 2014

     In January of 2014 I was notified by the staff of the Musee Arthur Batut, Labruguierre, France that I had been selected to be the 'featured photographer' for their annual Photo Expo which would be held from late June through October

     I was asked to submit presentation ideas, and with the encouragement of my dear friend Mabel Odessey who lived nearby in LeBez, France, we came up with the idea of creating huge portraits (3'x4') of American Cowboy Poets along with their poems (English and French Translation) and mounting them in the storefronts along the Main Street of the village. In addition to the huge portraits, I suggested that we present 'Western American Landscape' images of similar size and mount them throughout the village - the landscape images would add context to the poetry. Our ideas were discussed and accepted by the staff.

     The staff of the Musee Arthur Batut, the mayor of Labruguierre, and the village council showed their enthusiasm by designing, with black mulch, a familiar western themed image and creating it on a plot of land which could be seen from the highway whilst entering the village.

     The entire community enjoyed being surprised by huge portraits and poems as they went about their daily routine. The exhibit was extremely popular, especially on 'market day'.

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